Performance ,,Art is alive”, Rovinj 2018, Croatia

Performance “Piece of Krisis”, 2016, Nottingham, UK


Performance “MOVE WITH (OUT) I’m…SKOPJE”

MOVE W I T H (OUT) #8 – I’m… Skopje |10th September 2015



12:00 – 13:00 – Live from Radio Kanal 103
21:00 – 22:00 MOVE W I T H (OUT) screening programme
22:00 – 23:00 – Outdoor final performance, Old Bazaar/ Cifte Amam Gallery area

11:30 – 16:00 – Public performance, Old Bazaar
18:00 – 20:00 – MOVE W I T H (OUT) #8 a public conversation with artist and curators at KULA (Ulica Samoilova, 1000, Skopje) + and a special second performance of ‘I’M…SKOPJE’

After Berlin, London, Rome, Venice, Belgrade, Singapore, and Budapest on Thursday 10th September Something Human’s nomadic project MOVE W IT H (OUT) visits Skopje with an event created in collaboration with arts organization, Dominium and supported by the City of Skopje and the European Cultural Foundation’s STEP Beyond.

MOVE W I T H (OUT) is a travelling project, curated by Something Human, that questions notions of “home”. Addressing an increasingly unstable global economic landscape, the exhibition and site specific live art intervention explores the ambivalent relationships between the interior and the exterior that plays out over issues such as identity, borders and migration, belonging and longing, and the tensions of navigating between the different spheres.

Artists: Nicola Anthony, Zsuzsa Bakonyi, Caroline Christie and Bobby Lloyd, Sarah Choo Jing, John Clang, Mauro De Giorgi, Adolfina De Stefani, Nina Feldman, Valerie Grove, Amanda Gutierrez, Howard Hardiman, Gloria Houng, The Huddle, Lynn Lu, Jakrawal Nilthamrong, Bill Psarras, Ana Rodić, Carlo Michele Schirinzi, ShakinArt, Malvina Tan, Ines Von Bonhorst, Jason Wee.

In collaboration with filigree artist Marija Miloshevska, MOVE W I T H (OUT) – I’m… Skopje presents a two-part performance that stretches from the older border and crossroad of the city, the northern side of Stonebridge, before moving south to cross the Old Bazaar to reach the Cifte Amam Gallery. This performance explores the relationship between the individual and collective memories of a city via the artist’s practice, to reflect the complex connections between personal stories and history.

‘The act of interpretation juxtaposes the understanding of one’s self through the narrative identity in fiction. Set up this way, the narrative identity equates the personal identity of the storytelling subject positioned in history. That is, in fact, the identity arises from own interpretation (interpretation of self-being) through narration and story. The locking of history is actually “prehistory” of the history told. […] The metaphor for “the man locked in history” is the basis for defining the narration as a “secondary process” of learning the history’. (Senka Anastasova)

In the first part of I’m… Skopje, as a modern Ariadne, Marija Miloshevska will transport the MOVE W I TH (OUT) trunk crossing the seven gates of the city, trailing behind a wire in order to create a route that connects places with significant histories of trade and exchange for the city while engaging passers-by and residents to write on her skin-coloured dress their memories of emblematic years for both Skopje and themselves. While walking these main streets in opinci, traditional hand crafted shoes, the artist and her ‘skin’ will become an emotional map of Skopje that will grow during the route to collect and re-write the city’s past and recent history, while the artworks within the trunk will become tools to investigate through public conversations the local resonances provoked by these international works inspired by the ideas of transnational identity.

In the second part of the performance, the artist, the wire, and the trunk will be presented on the Cifte Amam Gallery grounds to become an installation and a final live performance. The artist body, a flat surface/place/space/area where ‘Skopje expressed itself’ with its desires, memories, fears, feelings, criticisms, will became the site of actions of cleaning history, packing it and delivering it, while mixing with both contemporary and traditional sounds of Skopje through a video and sound installation and the use of a waltz machine. The multi-media performance will end blending with the city main evening soundscape: the voices and prayers coming from the local mosques, combining and culminating into silence the original essence, time dimension and ancient existence of the Old Bazaar with I’m… Skopje collective reflection on the city.

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With thanks to Tanja Balac, Bojana Baltrop, Katerina Gjeroska, Biljana Gligorova, Gjorgji Janevski, Vlado Kiprijanovski, Katarina Kreceva, Marijan, Sandra Priestley, Rodna Ruskovska, Sergej Sarcevski, Igor Sentevski, Kiril Shentevski, Ema Andonovska,Lockruf music & instruments, Sandra Priestley, Jordi Rubi,  Benjamin Bär




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