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2015 “Always in dialogue” – *product, souvenir and message

We are “Always in Dialogue”.This is a product that carries, unfolds and reminds of the message of times that people believe, no matter which side they belong to. Everyone believes in their own authentic way.

If we let this visual image lead us through multicultural understanding, we see that while the two parts are in the tube, they are constantly in dialogue, and once they become one and are rearranged outside the tube, they become a message and a most powerful tool for writing the common script of mutual understanding.

This product/souvenir and message consists of four main parts:

  1. a bell tower
  2. a minaret
  3. a glass tube
  4. piece of wire/ thread

The two symbols – the bell tower and the minaret – have a spiritual function in real life to summon people to communicate.

The bells and the voice from the loudspeakers convey the same message – they must be on common ground to be able to communicate with each other.

 This product can also be seen as representing the symbols denoting male and female (+ -) = always in dialogue.

 The Design

The main motto of this industrial design is:

 ““Always in Dialogue”,

miniature art

    made to communicate with you

   through all your memories

from the Balkans.”

The design concept of the product/souvenir and message “Always in Dialogue” is an introspective look at one’s own heritage and cultural values, one’s roots, authenticities and imperfections, as well as an intelligent application of these elements in the context of contemporary Balkan.  Although this is an art miniature, it is an expression of the current/temporal perception of living and creating in the broadest sense, starting from individual origin and culture, to collective heritage, incorporated in a new era of the Balkans, as a model for the world to live on common ground.

 The Materials

The materials used are glass, wood/a readymade pencil and a silver cross.They are connected with wire which is my art language and my azbuka or alphabet – symbolic for the field I work in, filigree.  The length of the tube is 10 cm and the diameter is 1,5 cm.

The souvenir has a specially designed package with is 14 cm in width and 12 cm in length.

Making this souvenir is very quick, which is the main aspect of industrial design products.

The price is also affordable for a wider audience and satisfies all requirements for quick industrial production.

 The photo of the souvenir can also be used for different purposes (postcards, postmarks, playing cards, other souvenirs, etc.)

 The Author and Rights:

 *Copyright Marija Miloševska 2015

All rights reserved

Text  transcreation: Rodna Ruskovska



МАкедонска МушичКА / ARTificial FLY MACEDONIAn souvenir, a creative industries project 2014


stemming from the treasures of the Macedonian history and culture supplemented by a traditionally hand-made FISHING FLY portraying cultural continuity from ancient times……..the

ARTificial FLY made in MACEDONIA

*a project  supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia


изваден од трезорот на македонската историја и културасо прилог – традициноално, рачно изработена РИБАРСКА МУШИЧКА приказ на културниот континуитет од дамнешни времиња …..


*Овој производ е уникатно дизајниран туристички сувенир кој се состои од три (3) дела:

Две брошури во димензии 26см х 10см од кои – првата содржи авторски текст базиран на истражување за историското потекло на мушичка за рибарење и авторски фотографии; втората содржи авторски текст базиран на истражување за фолклорно богатство на Македонија поврзано со риболов и авторски фотографии.

И трет дел, прилог рачно изработена рибарска мушичка.

Новината која ја внесува овој дизајн е што за прв пат рачно изработена рибарска мушичка пазарно се користи за цели кои се разликуваат од основната функционална цел на овој производ (рибарење). Во рамките на овој производ мушичката се користи како дел од сувенир (прилог) кој се фокусира на историското и културното богатство на Република Македонија и за маркетиншки цели го користи фактот за првото пишано сведоштво за постоење на рибарска мушичка кое потекнува од овие простори. Комбинацијата на брошурата и прилогот се новина во изработката на пазарно достапни сувенири.