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I am heritage.

I am childhood and freedom.

I inhale air, I exhale life.

I recover, I love, endure…

I melt.

I convey the sound of silver …

I am patient, simple, loved.

I’m Stone Bridge, live wire that connects.

I cut between a cross and a minaret.

I am a river.

I am change.

I am Skopje too.

Јас сум наследство.

Јас сум детство и слобода.

Јас вдишувам воздух, јас издишувам живот.

Јас извлекувам, јас сакам, истрајувам…

Јас се топам.

Јас го пренесувам звукот на среброто…

Јас сум трпелива, едноставна, љубена.

Јас сум Камени мост, жива жица што поврзува.

Јас сечам помеѓу крст и минаре.

Јас сум река.

Јас сум промена.

Јас сум (и) Скопје.

2012 “ORO POWER” – filigree performance

This art performance is the individual creative involvement of the author who transcends the dogmas of craft growing technique into a modern design. Author’s concept aims at presentation of filigree as a final product, rather than creating new art work independently from the same product.
The specific performance “ORO Power” author, Marija Miloshevska, integrates the theme of her latest inspiration ‘power’ in the making of filigree artifacts. Thus she emphasizes the importance of inspiration over the importance of tools, material and technique. Although the inspiration is often neglected in certain areas such as craft work, all these ingredients are extremely important for the revival of the work. The process of giving life to the work is the key association is portrayed by the mimes whose stage performance captures the dynamics of development. Starting from the continuity of matter through breathing form and contents to the very end when the work lives and has love and energy.
Unlike those dedicated craftsmen who close the process of creation between the walls of their workshops, available to few curious eyes, Mary opens her work on stage. You can be part of the audience, but even more you can be part of the performance by putting a necklace around your neck or pointing the ring towards the power display.


2012 “SILVER SONG”-   documentary short movie about filigree music 14`